In the last few years I’ve established a new tradition, which is to make some seasonal decorations on December 1st (or on the weekend day closest to it) and then go hang them in places they’re likely to be noticed by observant passersby. Making (producing) things – decorations, cookies, other food, assorted crafty items and gifts – is about the best way I’ve found to deal with my ambivalent feelings about Christmas and the obscene consumption frenzy that it’s become.

Here are the ones I’ve made and hung so far…materials scrounged from around home and from a trip to Urban Source (love that place) a couple years ago.


The other night I was walking by where I’d hung the decorations, casting a look over to see if they were still there, when a runner who was stretching nearby said to me, unprompted, “Hey, someone hung some cute decorations in this tree. Isn’t that nice?” I was pleased.

Second batch


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